Meaning of Bastardo

What is Bastardo:

The word bastard is used as a synonym for illegitimate, false, vile, infamous, low. Therefore, the word under study can be used in different contexts. Bastardo is used to refer to something that vitiates its origin or nature, that is, it moved away from its original characteristics, such as: the bastard purity of plants.

As for the animal world, the expression bastard dog identifies all those dogs that reproduce freely, it arises from the union of 2 different breeds giving rise to a dog that does not have exact characteristics of its offspring, causing crossbreeding, due to the crossing of breeds, which gives rise to an animal that is not purebred, being the cause of its decrease in economic value.

Also, in the animal world, there is the bastard snake, it is a scaly reptile that is part of the Colubridae family, and can reach 240 cm, it is a snake that has poisonous bites to kill its prey which are: insects, lizards, small mammals and other rodents, but it does not cause any harm to man.

The bastard letter is characterized by being a letter inclined to the right with similarity to the handwritten letter, with very defined and rounded curves. The bastard letter was born in the fifteenth century, in Florence, Italy, and then it came to Germany, Spain, France. It took more splendor with the appearance of the printing press since it was the most used for typographic characters.

The bastard sail was formerly used in ships and galleys. It was a much stronger candle than the ordinary one and they were larger than indicated by the number of banks. Generally, the General of the Galley Squad and the Second Corporal or Cuatralbo, respectively, embarked on these sails.

The word bastard translated into English is "bastard”.

Illegitimate or bastard child

The term bastard is automatically associated with the illegitimate child, which is why it is an adjective, which is applied in a derogatory way to refer to the child born out of wedlock, of a known or unknown father.

Formerly, bastard children did not have the same rights as legitimate children, this can be observed in different cultures and even in the Bible, they did not inherit, they were condemned and sold as slaves and, the laws of Justinian denied even food . In other cultures, the acts against the bastards were not so violent, as was the case in the countries of Spain, France, among others, they had the right to inherit and the manors had the obligation to pay for their studies.

Currently, due to public and notorious events, it has been possible to repair that every bastard son of a King does not enjoy the privileges of the nobility except his legitimate children, as contemplated in the Constitution of his country.

Bastard in the bible

The expression bastard is observed in the Old Testament and in the New Testament in different passages. In the book of Genesis, Sarah told Abraham, “Cast out this servant and her son; for the son of this handmaid is not to inherit with my son, with Isaac, ”in the book Deuteronomy 23: 2, it states:“ A bastard shall not enter the congregation of Jehovah; not even in the tenth generation will he enter the congregation of Jehovah ", in the book of Judges 11: 2" the great sons of Gilead with his wife, drove out Jephthah, saying to him: You shall not inherit in our father's house, because you are son of another woman ”.

In the new testament, in the book of Hebrews 12: 8 "But if you are without punishment, of which all are made partakers, then you are bastards, and not children."

In relation to the above, man must take into account that all are children of God, as expressed in the Bible: "All who believe in his name, gave him the right to be children of God."

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