Meaning of Kindness

What is Benignity:

Kindness refers to the values ​​of something or someone that is considered good in its essence.

The word benign derives from Latin benegnus composed of the words bene which means "good" and genus what indicates "born", therefore etymologically it means that it is something conceived or created for good.

The term benignity is used as an adjective that is used to describe people, things or intangibles, such as, "Juanita's kindness helped her town get out of pain", "The tests check the tumor's benignity" or "All they seek the kindness of the spirit. "

The person who expresses kindness has positive qualities such as sympathy, understanding, goodwill, patience and love with the people around him. He is considered a good person, with a good heart and who acts in relation to good intentions, being sincere, understanding and tolerant.

In medicine, the term benign or benign usually indicates the result of tests on conditions, tumors or diseases that do not seriously affect the health of the patient and are not cancerous.

Some synonyms for the word kindness are: benevolence, complacency, humanity, kindness, pious, temperate, placid, or meek.

Antonyms for benignity we can find the words: malignancy, unpleasant, harsh, crude, since they refer to something or someone that causes harm and is harmful.

The word benignity translates into English as kindness in reference to a person, on the other hand, to make talk about meteorology is mildness.

Kindness in the bible

Kindness in the bible refers to the exemplary behavior of every Christian, proclaiming grace, tenderness and compassion.

Christian values ​​show excellence in their behavior by virtue of their kindness, showing kindness, integrity and kindness to their neighbors, without creating distinctions. Likewise, the person allows himself to be molded by the gentleness of the Lord and thus fulfill his word.

Difference between kindness and kindness

Kindness is associated with goodness. Kindness refers to something that does good, that is designed for good, and shows human and universal values.

Goodness is the quality of good. In this sense, kindness is an expression of kindness, a positive value.

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