Meaning of Bilingual

What is Bilingual:

Bilingual refers to something or someone who is fluent in two languages.

The word bilingual comes from Latin bilingual, composed of the prefix bi- of "two" and linguis which means "tongue". Therefore, etymologically it refers to something or someone who dominates or speaks two languages.

In this aspect, the person who dominates three languages ​​is trilingual and those who have knowledge of more than three languages ​​are considered polyglots.

See also Polyglot.

In an increasingly globalized world, being bilingual is increasingly common. Generally, bilinguals are characterized by dominating their mother tongue and English, the latter being the most used internationally.

The word bilingual can be used to refer to an object that is in two languages, for example, a Spanish-English dictionary is considered a bilingual dictionary. This type of dictionary can have the words in one language and the explanation in another.

There are also more complete bilingual dictionaries that are divided into two parts: the first part contains vocabulary in the first language explained in the second language and the second part the words are in the second language and are explained in the first language.

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