Meaning of Bipolar

What is Bipolar:

Bipolar is a manic-depressive mental disorder, which causes a lot of unhappiness to the carriers of this disease, despite being a mental illness with a simple treatment. People with bipolar disorder have several stages, and very different symptoms.

Being bipolar is an abnormality that can be the result of several factors, such as genetic, biological, or brain abnormalities. It may be due to genetic factors, since when one of the parents has bipolar disorder, there is a 50% chance that a child is also a carrier of this disease, and also due to psychosocial factors, such as the loss of an important person, drug use, financial difficulties, among others, that can contribute to the appearance of this disease.

The person suffering from bipolar disorder will not need treatment in a hospital. For treatment, just be with the family, with psychiatric support, and follow medical recommendations.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by two phases: the manic phase and the depressive phase. The two phases are distinguished by presenting different symptoms. Although the symptoms of the two phases can coexist in what is known as a mixed period.

During the manic phase, the person who is bipolar in some periods can feel full of energy, optimism, self-confidence, has a lot of ease in thinking and speaking, is a charlatan, exposes his own ideas, speaks very fast, considers himself a superhero, is cheerful, witty, may suffer from insomnia, is irritable, and is often distracted. Similarly, being overly impulsive and irritable, he often engages in physical confrontations. In this phase, which is characterized by physical and mental hyperactivity, sexual desire increases and there is also a probability that the individual will lose money and have debts.

The bipolar person during depressive phase has some very serious symptoms, feels a lot of pain that cannot be explained, discouragement, impatience, changes in appetite, extreme fatigue, very tired, loses interest in others, there is also loss of sexual desire, due to the drop in libido . On the other hand, in this stage of the bipolar person, they sleep a lot, have low self-esteem, inferiority complex and concentration problems, become physically or verbally aggressive, and most seriously, they can even attempt suicide.

The bipolar can live both phases on the same day, that is, in a few hours, he can be sad, cry, and at another moment he is already happy, euphoric, talkative, but also aggressive.

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