Meaning of Bistro

What is Bistro:

Bistro, in the world of gastronomy, refers to a small restaurant with quality cuisine generally attended by its owners.

The word bistro originates from the French bristot, which refers to a small place where simple dishes are served at affordable prices. The original concept of bistro French has changed to refer to a small restaurant offering special dining experiences accompanied by a selection of quality wines.

The bistro specializes in different types of menu. For example, there is the wine bistro, Whose public are appreciators of good wine, and there are also bistro restaurants (bistro restaurant), each one with a specialty, offering a service and flavors that cannot be found in a normal venue. For this reason, a bistro is synonymous with haute cuisine and is also associated with food. gourmet.

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The bistros are small to maintain quality and exclusivity. Many of these types of restaurants or cafes are candidates for important awards in the world of gastronomy, such as the famous Michelin star.

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The bistro concept was designed for the original French meaning of a bon vivant, that person who appreciates and knows good food accompanied by a good drink; an elegant gentleman with refined tastes.

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