Meaning of Blackboard

What is Blackboard:

Blackboard It is a word of English origin that means 'blackboard'. The term has spread rapidly in the digital world to refer to a number of online learning applications, or by its English name, e-learning.

Within these applications, there are specific functions that mimic the blackboard of a classroom, in which the teacher exposes the content that must be taught to his students.

In this type of functions, text and images can be displayed, and interactive exercises can be carried out between the student and the teacher, just as if the student had to go to the blackboard during a face-to-face class.

This type of experience has sparked a revolution in education and learning models, thanks to all the resources it offers. Its use has spread to both primary and middle and higher education, where it is well received by facilitating the exchange of knowledge in international communities.

Blackboard LMS

Blackboard LMS is the registered name of an online teaching-learning management system, which offers an interactive platform to facilitate distance education processes.

The company that develops and maintains this platform is called Blackboard Inc., founded in 1997. Currently its headquarters are in Washington D.C.

The platform allows open courses to be given to people from all over the world, without the variables of time and space being a limiting condition.

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