Meaning of Bon vivant

What is Bon vivant:

Bon vivant is a French term that means "good life" synonymous with one who enjoys the pleasures of life. A bon vivantIn other words, a person who likes to enjoy the good life is one who lives and knows how to live.

The term bon vivant generally it is positive when it is the person who qualifies as such and negative when others are to adjective a person. For example, “I am a bon vivant”Refers to the fact that the person considers himself a connoisseur of good food and good wine, he considers himself a person full of style and refined tastes.

Instead, when someone refers to another person as a bon vivant, generally refers to an idle, capricious and profitable person who only cares about his own pleasure, trampling over the freedom of others many times. In this sense, bon vivant is synonymous with vividor.

Whether positive or negative, a bon vivant it is generally a philosophy of life that people carry. They are characterized by knowing how to eat, drink, dress and live well, according to their own quality parameters.

Bon vivant It is also synonymous with "being a gentleman" since it is distinguished from others by its elegance and good treatment of others despite always seeking to maintain a certain distance and avoid intimacy.

Because the term bon vivant It is mainly associated with good food and good drink, many restaurants have adopted this name also to associate themselves with French haute cuisine.

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