Meaning of Bots

What are Bots:

Bot is the shortened word robot. It refers to a type of autonomous computer program that is capable of carrying out specific tasks and mimicking human behavior.

Bots can be designed in any programming language. They work on networks, especially on the Internet, and can interact with other systems or users. They can perform multiple functions: edit texts, moderate conversations, answer questions, send emails, among many others.

Today they are used to perform various tasks on very popular platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The word bot, as such, is first recorded in the 1960s, as apheresis of robot in computer jargon. In Spanish we can write it without italics and without any other type of highlighting.

See also Robot.

Bots in video games

Bots in video games are those programs specially designed to behave like a gamer and interact and compete with other human players. In this sense, their quality is determined by their ability to win in the game. The CRPG or computer role-playing games, that is, bots specifically designed to participate in computer role-playing games.

Malicious bots

Bots can also be used to perform malicious tasks, which can range from cyberattacks, to fraud, theft, spamming, and spreading viruses. For this reason, the use of bots imposes the need to establish certain ethical limits regarding their programming and functions. Hence, some sites have very strict rules for the use of bots.We can see this, for example, in many of the companies that offer email services, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, which, among their requirements to open an account, require writing the characters that are presented in a graphic, specially designed to verify that you are human and not a bot.

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