Meaning of Good

What is good:

Good is an adjective that is used to refer to something in which a positive value is recognized. The word comes from Latin bonus.

Thus, good or good may be a person who acts according to what is good, what is correct, or who has a natural inclination to do good. For example: "Hannibal is a good boy."

Good is also called something that is useful or helpful, that is fit or suitable for a purpose: "This light is good for reading."

We also say that something is good when it is tasty, tastes good, or is palatable: "Those beans look good."

Well, it is also called something that is pleasant or fun: "What a good evening we had in the company of the family."

Likewise, we can designate as good something that is above the ordinary, which is extraordinary: "You've caught good flu."

Well it can also be used as the equivalent of healthy, healthy: "I already feel good to go to work."

In an ironic sense, we say that a person is good when he is simple, good-natured or naive: "Here comes the good Luis."

As good is also qualified something that has not deteriorated and that, consequently, is still useful for use: "The microwave is still good, I see no reason to throw it away."

In the same way, good can be used as a synonym for enough or enough: "He's good on a spree, to work."

On the other hand, well, it is also something that has great quality: "I bought these shoes because they are good."

Good is also someone who is very capable or competent in what he does: "Pedro is very good at his job."

Finally, well, it can also be used as a greeting formula when answering the phone in Mexico: "Well, who am I talking to?"

The adjective good, on the other hand, has an irregular superlative: beautiful, and a regular one: great.

Synonyms for good are benevolent, kind; nice, cordial; candid, simple; useful, helpful; adequate, convenient; healthy healthy; excellent, optimal; enough, enough, among others. Antonyms would be: bad, evil, cruel, malicious, etc.

In English, well it supports different translations, depending on the context, such as good, fine, well, okay (Well ok); nice (nice), healthy (healthy), kind (kind), fair (fair), among others.

Good at ethics

For ethics, as good is considered what is morally correct, appropriate or fair in the acts, actions or decisions of a person. The good, in this sense, is what is desirable or appropriate, either for the individual, for a specific cause, or for society in general. For example: good is friendship, good is forgiveness, good is democracy. The good is related to the good and the path of virtue. The opposite of the good is the bad, that is, all those actions and decisions that are considered incorrect or harmful and that should be avoided.

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