Meaning of Good is coriander but not so much

What does it mean? Good is coriander but not so much:

"Coriander is good, but not so much" is a popular saying that states that good things should not be abused, because everything in excess ends up being bad.

This saying expresses the harmful nature of excesses, of the abusive use of things, because if a herb as tasty and kind as coriander can become bad or unpleasant when used too much, what is not?

In this sense, the saying implies the idea of ​​the importance of moderation. In fact, moderation is one of the most important virtues of the human being, as it refers to balance and harmony in opposition to excesses, which are negative for both physical and mental health of people.

The Bible, for example, in the book of Proverbs, sentence: “Have you found honey? Eat only what you need, lest you get fed up and vomit it up ”(Proverbs, 25: 16).

Synonymous expressions of "good is the coriander, but not so much" could be, on the other hand: "everything in excess is bad", or "how little pleases, how much annoys".

Also, a variant of this expression is: “good is the coriander, but not so much”. However, coriander means the same as coriander.

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