Meaning of Buffet

What is Buffet:

A buffetAlso called in Spanish buffet or buffet, it is a style of service where a meal is served and arranged on a table, so that the diners serve themselves the food. The word, as such, comes from the French buffet, and originally it referred to the sideboard, that is, the piece of furniture designed to store dishes.

The buffet or buffet service It is a service method used when a large number of diners must be served, so that everyone can choose, to their liking and whims, the food they want to consume, as well as the quantity.

Food buffet It is characterized, in this way, by the food composed of hot and cold dishes that have been arranged on a table to serve this purpose. However, when a buffet It consists exclusively of cold dishes, it is called as buffet froid, which in French means'buffet cold'.

BuffetLikewise, it can also designate the table or the set of tables that, in meetings, celebrations and public shows, are covered with this kind of dishes and obey this self-service pattern.

Today the concept of buffet is associated with restaurants "there you can eat”(All you can eat), refectories where, for a fixed price, you have access to all the variety of options of the buffet.

There are restaurants of buffet specialized such as, for example, buffet Brazilian where its strong is grilled meat, buffet of Asian food or buffetBreakfast area where more pastry dishes are available.

See also Baking.

The buffetAs such, it was born in France, around the 18th century, and later spread throughout Europe. Currently, it can be said that it enjoys popularity in much of the world.

On the other hand, the word buffet It should not be confused with the word law firm, which refers to a law firm.

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