Meaning of Calamity

What is Calamity:

Calamity is an event that brings losses or disastrous consequences and also refers to a useless, annoying person or person who brings negative consequences to those around him.

The word calamity comes from Latin calamites which means "hit, damage."

The synonyms for calamity are: disaster, misfortune, accident, adversity, misfortune, setback. Antonyms for calamity include the words: luck, fortune, bliss, victory.

Calamities can be caused by climatic phenomena such as hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.

See also:

  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake

When calamities caused by natural phenomena cause conditions that leave citizens vulnerable to their means of subsistence, infrastructures that threaten security, access to environmental resources and provision of basic services, it is considered a public calamity defined in article 58 of law 1523 of 2012 by the government of Colombia.

In turn, calamities are also caused by human actions such as holocausts, genocides, assassinations and pollution.

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