Meaning of Warmth

What is Warmth:

Warmth is the quality of being warm.It can refer to the heat or high temperature of the environment, to the affection and affection in the treatment of a person, or to a characteristic of predominantly reddish, yellow or orange colors.

Warmth is a very appreciated quality in a person both in dealing with and in the way of being with others. It implies being kind and affectionate with the other, being cordial as well as empathetic and understanding, it means making the other feel appreciated. Warmth is extremely important as it allows our relationships with others to flow in an honest and positive way.

Human warmth is not only a value that is cultivated in our relationship with the people around us, our friends and family, our neighbors, colleagues and colleagues, but it is also cultivated in the interpersonal treatment of other types of relationships, such as that we enter into to do business, for work and or for the provision of services.

Warmth is highly valued, for example, in professional treatment in the health area, such as nursing, services or education.

See also Heat.

Synonyms of warmth are heat, ardor, embarrassment, affection, cordiality, etc. Antonyms, on the other hand, would be coldness, indifference or disaffection.

In English, warmth can be translated as warmth in the sense of heat. For instance: "The warmth of summer”(The summer heat).

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