Call center meaning

What is Call center:

Call center means, in Spanish, telephone call center. As such, it is an office that is in charge of managing a company's contacts with its clients.

The call center Its objective is to offer information, support and support to the clients of a specific company or company that provides products or services.

The call centers they handle customer contacts primarily through phone calls, but also through other channels, such as fax, email, instant messaging, text or SMS messages, and multimedia messages.

In these call centers, two types of contacts are differentiated: outgoing calls, also known as outband, which are those made abroad, and incoming calls or inbound, which are what external customers do.

In the call center A varied group of professionals trained and trained in different specific areas of the communications service converges, ranging from agents, advisers and supervisors, to executives and technical team.

The call center, likewise, needs for its operation, in addition to human resources, a set of physical and technological resources, such as a good workplace, computers, telephones, headphones, microphones, etc., as well as certain processes and methodologies of work to ensure efficient service.

The call centers, in general, they offer different types of services, depending on the type of company that hires them: customer service, technical support, information to the public, catalog orders, collections or marketing telephone, etc.

Generally, call centers companies that provide this type of service to certain companies, through subcontracting schemes or outsourcing.

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