Meaning of Advertising Campaign

What is advertising campaign:

An advertising campaign are actions that are part of a strategic advertising and marketing plan to promote the sale of a product or service.

The advertising campaigns follow the guidelines of an advertising media plan and marketing strategies that define the segment to which the ads are directed, the chosen dissemination platforms, the indicated times and their duration and the way in which the desired message will be transmitted. .

Advertising campaigns use different types of dissemination tools to achieve their purpose, such as advertising posters in public spaces, brochures for dissemination in key places, banners advertising on web pages and native advertising on social networks.

Advertising campaigns are generally created and coordinated by advertising agencies.

Types of advertising campaigns

The types of advertising campaigns take different forms of promotion defined by the marketing strategy that coordinates the advertising strategies.

These strategies usually evaluate where the product is in its life cycle in order to revitalize the product and keep it in the growth or stability stage.

In this sense, some of the types of advertising campaigns according to the product life cycle (CVP) are, for example:

  • Launch campaigns: ensures the successful promotion of a product in its introduction stage.
  • Expectation campaigns: encourages the introduction of products in rapid penetration cycles.
  • Reactivation campaigns: generate gains in the maturity stage.
  • Maintenance campaigns: serves as a way to stabilize the maturity stage.
  • Relaunch campaigns: seeks to maintain constant growth.

Other types of advertising campaigns are defined by the form of payment per ad, such as:

  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): these are campaigns that consider that the budget for each ad will be advertised a thousand times on one page.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) - Also known as affiliate marketing, these give a percentage of the page's earnings to the advertiser.
  • Cost per influence: especially popular for youtubers, bloggers or trendsetters and trendsetters with a high number of followers who receive offers from companies to launch their advertising campaigns.
  • Cost per lead- The company pays for each potential customer who signs up on the advertised website.
  • Fixed monthly payment: used in traditional advertising that define days, weeks, months or year for a poster in some strategic physical location.

With the appearance of digital advertising at the end of the 20th century, another type of campaign called SMO (Social media optimization). They are campaigns that use advertising and marketing tools to improve your presence on social networks.

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