Meaning of Electric Field

What is Electric Field:

The electric field is a space sector that has been modified by the electric charge that, when introduced into it, generates a certain response or reaction.

In other words, the electric field describes the interaction that exists between bodies with an electric charge, which is understood as the level of electricity that the bodies contain.

This interaction can be manifested by the attraction or repulsion between bodies, depending on the charge they have.

All the particles that make up matter have as a fundamental property a certain electric charge, from which the electric field originates.

Electric charges can be positive (+) or negative (-). Two objects of the same charge repel each other, while those of different charge attract each other.

The electric field is expressed in imaginary lines that we call vectors. These allow us to get an idea of ​​the intensity and orientation of the electric field.

The electric field is a vector magnitude, a vector, and not a force, even though it is closely related to the electric force.

Units of electric field

The elementary unit of the electric field in the International System (SI) is Newton per Coulomb (N / C).

It is also expressed by the unit of volt per meter (V / m).

Finally, it can be represented in basic units as kg · m · s βˆ’ 3 · A βˆ’ 1 and the dimensional equation is MLT-3I-1.

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