Meaning of concentration camps

What are concentration camps:

A concentration camp is an establishment where people are detained due to their belonging to a certain group (which may be ethnic, political or religious), and not for having committed crimes or crimes.

Concentration camps have been used throughout history to lock up political opponents, ethnic or religious groups, people of a certain sexual orientation, refugees or displaced by a war conflict, as well as prisoners of war.

In this way, in these centers, people are confined not for their individual acts, for having violated a law or committed a crime, but for being part of certain groups.

Those who go to a concentration camp have not had a trial and lack judicial guarantees; however, in repressive systems, the situation of these people may be covered by law.

The term "concentration camp" was used for the first time during the Second Boer War. They were UK-operated establishments in South Africa. There, people were subjected to mistreatment and forced labor.

However, due to the holocaust of the Second World War in the Nazi concentration camps, in 1949 the Fourth Geneva Convention was drawn up, with the aim of preventing the civilian population from being subjected to inhuman treatment during war conflicts in the future.

See also Holocaust.

Nazi concentration camps

The concentration camps of Nazi Germany operated in the period from 1933, with the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideology to power, and 1945, with the defeat of Germany in World War II.

The Nazi concentration camps were a series of facilities where all those individuals considered enemies of the State were held.

Among the collectives locked up in these camps we can name Jews, gypsies, communists and homosexuals.

There, these individuals were subjected to all kinds of mistreatment, forced labor, scientific experiments and mass extermination.

Around 15,000 concentration camps are believed to have been established in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II. It is claimed that around 15 million people perished there.

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