Song Meaning

What is Song:

A song is a musical composition that has a melody, rhythm, lyrics, as well as the accompaniment of musical instruments, so that it can be performed by one or more vocalists.

The word song comes from Latin cantio, which means, everything that can be sung.

Generally, songs can be sung by one or more vocalists, hence they can also be performed by groups of singers such as a duo, trio or more singers, for example, choral groups or musical bands.

The songs are considered musical works because throughout their creation it is necessary to have inspiration, allocate time for their composition, knowledge and passion for music.

The lyrics of the songs must convey the messages desired by those who write them and by those who interpret them, hence it is considered as an artistic expression that man has made and made throughout his human development.

There are different types of songs according to their musical composition, which is characterized by being a set of verses, as well as in poems, which maintain a sound rhythm and send a message, either of love, friendship, sadness, joy or criticism. among many other topics.

Types of songs

There are different types of songs according to the artistic creations that musicians can develop. However, there is a general definition of three types of songs: the lyrical song, the folk song and the popular song.

Lyrical songs are part of classical music. They are characterized by containing lyrics written in the form of verse and stanza, generally conceived by poets and, which are usually performed with the accompaniment of various musical instruments such as a piano or symphony orchestras.

Folk songs, for their part, are part of the cultural identity of a country or region since they expose various traditions through musical compositions and lyrics that tell stories or customs of different social groups.

Folk songs are usually in the public domain, of anonymous authorship and are transmitted from generation to generation throughout the history of peoples.

Finally, there are popular or modern songs that expose a great diversity of musical styles and that are usually the most listened to by the general public, thanks to the various media.

Popular songs usually have an author and are protected by intellectual property rights. However, in these types of songs, it is very common for a singer to work in collaboration with other musical authors to write and perform a musical composition.

Popular songs, unlike lyrical or folk songs, have a simple musical structure that can vary and be a little more complex, but not much more.

Different musical genres are born from its variations, from which songs have emerged that have been located at the top of the most listened to, downloaded through various applications or requested in radio programs and, which are now part of the popular classics of the public in general.

Among the musical genres of popular songs can be named: pop, rock, rock and roll, salsa, merengue, ballad, rap, reggae, blues, jazz, reggaeton, cumbia, heavy metal, among others.

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