Character Meaning

What is Character:

Character is known as a set of psychic and affective qualities that determine the behavior of each individual. The word character is of Greek origin "Kharakter"Through Latin"character "What does it mean "the one who records ”.

Character differentiates and makes an individual, group of individuals, animal or object special. The character or personality is determined by the social environment and the culture that each human being belongs to, which helps to fix the conduct and morality of the person, for example: it can be said that a person has character, that is, an individual who It imposes its decisions and does not change its ideas for any reason, it can be said that it adopts a position of leader, it is also observed in the animal world.

Each person has a different character, which influences their emotionality, the way they react and the response capacity they contemplate for the various situations they face daily, that is why there are emotional, passionate, sentimental, nervous people , apathetic, among others.

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