Meaning of Charisma

What is Charisma:

The grace or charm that a person exercises over others is known as charisma. The term charisma is of Greek origin "Charis".

Charisma should be seen as a natural quality that a person possesses to attract individuals with just their presence, actions or words. As such, charisma is an innate gift, it is inherent in the personality of the individual and allows him to stand out from the crowd, and make a good impression on people.

The charisma is applied to some people such as politicians, religious, actors, among others, who strongly attract the crowd, and as the German sociologist Max Weber indicates, they are seen as exemplary, and are treated by their followers as leaders, allowing to organize a team that meets the wishes of the leader to achieve the objectives.

The charismatic leader allows to persuade and give confidence to his followers, which attracts and sometimes pleases individuals. There are contexts in which the sympathy of a person can exceed the skills, competencies and aptitudes of an individual, which can be seen in elections to political office, the charismatic attitude shows the extraordinary qualities of its leader to improve the personal situation or the environment Social.

In the realm of theology or religion, the charism generally means a gift from God. In a more special sense, they are the gifts and dispositions of each Christian for the performance of a mission within the church. More specifically, they are the extraordinary graces granted by the Holy Spirit to each Christian for the good of his brothers in Christ.

However, the term under study can be involved in the construction of a brand, since the brand needs to understand the client, and for this it requires not only a strategic plan but also a reasonable time to transmit to the consumer.

The charismatic person has the ability to motivate or enthuse the people around him to achieve the objectives set. Charismatic people are loved by their followers, and also hated by their adversaries.

Based on the above, it should be noted that a charismatic person is not synonymous with a good person, since in history you can see despotic, cruel, and dictators who have been charismatic, as is the case of Hitler, Chávez, among others, and due to their charisma and populism they managed to perpetuate themselves in power.

Finally, the synonyms for charisma are grace, blessing, mercy, personality.

In English, charisma is "Charisma".

Charisma in the Bible

In the Old Testament, charism is seen as a gift of the Spirit that enables the individual to carry out a mission in favor of the people. For its part, the New Testament designates the gifts of God, the Holy Spirit and divine grace.

Saint Peter, “Each one has received his gift. Put him at the service of others, as good stewards of the charisms received from God ”(1 Pe 4:10).

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