Meaning of Cartography

What is Cartography:

Cartography is the discipline that deals with the conception, production, dissemination and study of maps. It is also known as a set of techniques or an art of making maps.

Cartography is formed with the Greek terms χάρτις (chartis, "map") and γραφειν (graphein, "written").

Digital and automated mapping

Digital cartography is a form of cartography that uses computer technology for the graphical representation of maps. This term differs from the concept of analog cartography.

Digital cartography uses geographic information systems (GIS), which encode and manage geospatial variables and data through different resources such as databases, statistical applications, computer-aided design programs, automated mapping and remote sensing.

Automated cartography (also known as automatic cartography or computer-assisted cartography), is a type of cartography that includes a set of techniques for the design and elaboration of maps using digital resources.

Concept mapping

Concept mapping is a strategy that allows organizing and presenting complex information and thoughts graphically, establishing relationships between concepts using verbal, non-verbal and spatial elements.

It is used especially in the educational and scientific area, since it facilitates the understanding and transmission of content.

Concept mapping differs from terms such as mind map and concept map in elements such as its composition and graphic structure.

For the construction of concepts, it uses a standardized system of 7 axes: notional, categorical, of differentiation, of exemplification, of characterization, of subdivision and of linking.

Electoral cartography

Electoral cartography is a type of cartography that involves the graphic representation and study of maps that influences various information oriented to the analysis of a territory, its organization and territorial division and its population oriented to the analysis of space and inhabitants in electoral matters.

Electoral cartography uses diverse information collected through different sources and that includes statistical and census data of the population as well as geographic data.

It allows you to obtain maps that include information such as the distribution of the population and the location of the voting centers.

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