Meaning of CASE

What is CASE:

Case is a set of tools that contains computer programs and applications designed with the aim of generating greater productivity, providing ease of use that saves time and money in the development of software or new applications.

The word CASE is the result of the acronym in English Computer Aided Software Engineering, which in Spanish means computer-aided software engineering.

CASE tools

The CASE tools were designed both to develop softwares with low production costs and that involve less work time, and with the purpose of extending the utility cycle of the software created through this means, by which a project can be designed with a specific production cost and in turn streamline the scheduling process.

Through CASE tools, the source code (high-level language, interpreted by the user), data compilation (analysis, detection and documentation of errors), and subsequently an object code (low-level language, which the equipment interprets).

CASE tools background

The CASE tools are preceded by a project that was developed during the 1970s called ISDOS, whose programming language PSL (for its acronym in English, Problem Statement Language) and its PSA programming tool (from English, Problem Statement Analyzter) was able to analyze the problems that arose during the creation of a code.

However, the first CASE tool that was developed was called Excelerator, in 1984, and was designed to work on the PC platform.

Years later, in the 1990s, CASE tools reached their peak and the IBM company joined forces with the AD company. Cycle to continue with their development.

Today mainframe computers or mainframe, derived from the CASE tools, are obsolete and have been replaced by other similar or more specific tools for the different types of software on the market with greater durability.

Purpose of CASE tools

  • Develop higher quality software.
  • Develop software at a lower cost and in less time.
  • Develop software that guarantees universal programming.
  • Automate software development.
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