Meaning of Celeste

What is Celeste:

Celeste is an adjective that indicates that something belongs to or is relative to the sky. It comes from Latin caelestis and this one of the word caelum (sky, firmament).

This adjective is associated in many cases with certain names. Some examples are: celestial bodies (comets, asteroids, natural satellite planets, stars ...) or celestial map (plan or schematic drawing that includes constellations and their stars that is used to locate celestial bodies).

Sky blue color

The sky blue or sky blue color is a type of pale blue color. It is also known as cerulean or cerulean blue. In HTML it is identified with the code # 0CB7F2.

Some sports teams are known as "La Celeste" due to the color of their kit, for example the Uruguay National Soccer Team.

Meaning of the color light blue

The blue color is used in different contexts in a symbolic way, usually referring to the sky.

  • In color therapy, the color blue is associated with freshness and is used to relax and calm emotions and even as an aid for meditation. For these reasons, specifically the light blue color, it is recommended for the walls of the rooms.
  • Traditionally the Virgin Mary is represented with clothes of this color representing purity and divinity.
  • In flags and heraldic shields this color associated with the sky and / or the sea is used. In the same way, it is given an even more symbolic meaning by identifying them with values ​​such as justice, loyalty, strength, etc. In Latin America, several countries use this color on their flag after independence, such as Argentina, Honduras or El Salvador. In countries whose flag has this color, this color can be used in other contexts (for example clothing) as a symbol of patriotism.
  • In the Mongolian, Kyrgyz and Altaic peoples, the blue color is traditionally associated with the Blue Wolf, which according to their mythology came down from Heaven to create these peoples.
  • In the Church of Scientology this color is used referring to a phrase of its founder L. Ron Hubbard in which he affirms that he wanted to sell to potential members of his Church "a portion of blue sky". (In English, blue sky it's blue sky and sky bue, light blue).
  • Some peoples of Syria and Southeast Asia associate this color with death and mourning.
  • In the Anglo-Saxon world, this color is associated with children and is even called baby blue.

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