Meaning of Cepa

What is Cepa:

The part of the trunk, immediate to the roots of a plant or tree, which is buried under the surface of the earth is called a strain.

Strain also refers to the origin, kinship or lineage of a family. For example, "She is a purebred singer."

Strain in viticulture

The vine is the part of the trunk of the vine that is inside the earth and from which the shoots sprout, that is, the branches from which, by extension, the leaves and fruits are born. They are climbing plants with abundant leaves.

The vine is a species of plant whose fruit is the grape, and is characterized by sprouting in the form of a cluster with abundant grapes.

Various types of vine vines with their own characteristics can be distinguished. Among these are table strains, that is, grapes that can be consumed directly or as raisins, then go through a process in which the grapes are dried or dehydrated.

On the other hand, the vinification strains refer to the grapes used in the production processes of various types of wines. There is a great variety of vine species from which different strains derive that are cultivated in many regions of the world.

In winemaking it is very important to know which strains to use, and this is due to the properties that each strain provides to the wine, for example, flavors, aromas, tones and textures.

Strain in biology

In biology, the species that share a kinship is called a strain because they descend from the same cell. Generally, we speak of strains when referring to viruses or bacteria that share the same characteristics or at least one of these.

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