Meaning of Certainty

What is Certainty:

Certainty is the awareness of knowing that we know the truth. In this sense, as certainty we call the safe and clear knowledge that one has of something and that leaves no room for doubt. The word, as such, is a feminine noun that derives from certain, which in turn comes from Latin certus, which means 'decided', 'resolved' or 'precise'.

Certainty, in this sense, is not limited to the idea that we know the truth, but refers to the state of knowledge according to which we are aware that we possess the truth.

Hence, to be certain of something is to know it with conviction, with certainty and, even, with evidence that what is known is, indeed, true: “I am certain that it rained during the early morning, because the park floor is wet ”. Thus, certainty is also associated with the confidence that one has in the information that is handled.

The basis of certainty, as such, is a rational knowledge of reality that can be objectively recognized. Hence, all knowledge, and mainly scientific and factual, are based on a set of certainties that are articulated as a discipline of knowledge.

For this reason, certainty is also associated with the exact or precise knowledge that one has about a certain matter, matter or phenomenon.

Synonyms of certainty, meanwhile, are certainty, conviction, security or trust. On the other hand, antonyms would be doubt, uncertainty or hesitation, that is, the state of consciousness that we have towards what we ignore or do not know completely.

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