Meaning of Chairo

What is Chairo:

Chairo is a term of Mexican origin of derogatory use to refer to people who oppose right-wing ideologies or political tendencies.

The College of Mexico or Colmex, in its Dictionary of Spanish in Mexico o DEM, published a corresponding definition for the term chairo that, especially, in recent years has been used more frequently to refer to issues related to the politics of that country.

In the definition of the DEM it is stated that chairo is an offensive noun and adjective which refers to a person who defends a series of causes that go against right-wing political tendencies.

However, this individual is characterized by not defending or demonstrating commitment to what he claims to support. Consequently, it is customary to use to point to people who support or profess left-leaning ideologies.

This need to define the meaning of ʽchairoʼ arose from the constant use that has been made of this word in recent years, mostly on social networks.

Hence, the specialists who prepare the DEM, in their commitment to identify the variations that the Spanish language presents in Mexico, have taken the initiative to define that word.

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