Meaning of Chauvinism

What is Chauvinism:

Chauvinism, also written chauvinism, supposes an exaggerated or excessive exaltation of the national in front of the foreign.

Chauvinism is a belief according to which the best is what comes from the country or region from which we come. It can refer to the character, idiosyncrasy, personality or characteristic temperament of our nation, that is, its national identity.

See also National identity.

Thus, chauvinism promotes a deeply uncritical and ethnocentric form of national pride, bordering on mythomania (the absurd idea that everything one's own is better) and paranoia (the fixation on the belief that others threaten one's own stability).

Hence, chauvinism hides, deep down, a certain feeling of inferiority that manifests itself in the form of delusions of grandeur. To which we can add the fixation on blaming other countries, peoples or races, their own evils.

Chauvinism is often used as a political weapon to persuade the population by feeding their patriotic sentiment. It appeals, in that sense, to emotion above reason. It is usually associated with totalitarian, xenophobic and racist ideologies, such as Nazism.

See also Nazism.

A recent example of chauvinism can be found in Donald Trump's first speeches as a candidate, in 2015, when he based his speech on a chauvinist idea of ​​the participation of Mexican immigrants (and also from other latitudes) in the United States economy. , as well as other ethnic groups, such as Muslims or Chinese.

The word chauvinism, as such, comes from the French chauvinism, which is derived from the name of Nicolás Chauvin, a well-known soldier from the times of the Napoleonic Empire who embodied the ideal of the patriot.

Chauvin even appears as a character in the French comedy titled The tricolor cockade, from 1831, authored by the brothers Teodoro and Hipólito Cogniard, in which this historical figure personifies a somewhat extreme form of patriotism.

Synonyms for chauvinimo in Spanish would be jingoism, patriotism, nationalism, and even xenophobia. An antonym of chauvinism would be malinchismo in Mexico.

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