Chip meaning

What is Chip:

Chip It is an English noun that can mean chip, token or bit and as a verb it means to chip, break or chop.

It's used chip to refer to a small computer processor and also to the electronic device that is inserted under the skin of an animal that stores information about its identity and its location called microchip subcutaneous.

The word chip It has entered our daily lives or, at least it has become more familiar, because we are surrounded by computer technology that generally carries some kind of chip, either a device with a microchip or a card with chip.

The chip as a computer term it began to be used when small integrated circuit boards for electronic devices were created in 1960. It was universally adopted in 1967 when the press referred to the small rectangular and square components on the plate as "chips ".

Motherboards or motherboards are full of these chips As the chip Bios that acts as an interface between the card and the computer's operating system and many others that process and execute functions and programs.

See also Motherboard.

Due to the decrease in the size of information devices, chip it begins to be used to refer to all kinds of square electronic devices and in size of "chip", bit or token such as memories, processors, card devices, etc.

The controversial policy of some companies to apply programmed obsolescence in their devices such as printers, laptops, etc. through a chip Determining its useful life has also helped spread the term.

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