Meaning of Cyber

What is Cyber:

The expression cyber is a prefix taken from the word cybernetics. Cyber ​​is an establishment that has a concentration of advanced technology, such as: computers, internet, among others.

The expression cyber precedes some terms related to the world of the internet. Cyberpunk is a technology-based subculture that includes hackers, crackers, gamers, among others; cyberfriends is a kind of virtual friend, in which 2 people communicate by virtual means, without knowing each other personally; Cyberbullying, also known as cyberbullying, is a type of harassment through computer means to persecute a person.

The cybercafé is an establishment in which the individual pays a certain amount for the time that they will be using the internet for any purpose, it can be to do a job, check their social networks or simply play. The cybercafé was created by Ivan Pope, in 1994, in London, it was the first cafe that had computers with internet access.

Generally, Internet cafes are visited by young people in order to play computer games on the net, such as: counter strike, flat out, among others, or by those who do not have internet services.

The term cybernaut indicates the person who uses computer networks to communicate with other individuals.

Cybernetics is the science that aims to study the automatic comparison and regulation systems of living beings with electronic and mechanical systems similar to them.

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