Meaning of Cybernetic

What is Cybernetic:

As cybernetic we designate everything related to interdisciplinary computational technology used for the extension of human capacities.

The word cybernetic derives from the Greek kybernetes, which means "the art of handling a ship." Later, it was used by Plato in his work The Republic to refer to the "art of leading men" or the "art of governing."

The modern concept of cybernetics, computer technology based on human communication, was coined by Norbert Wiener (1894-1964) in his work Cybernetics: or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine (Cybernetics: or control and communication in people and machines).

Today, cyber is characterized by being everything that is related to computer technology, especially the Internet. Due to the increasing use of these technologies, human interactions have migrated to the cyber spectrum creating harassment, crime, attacks and even relationships.

Cyber ​​bullying

Cyber ​​bullying, cyberbullying o cyberbullying is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in our society that consists of personal and constant attacks through cyber media such as: social networks, email, blogs, text messages (sms), among others, in order to denigrate their victim.

Crimes, crimes and cyber attacks

Cyber ​​crimes, crimes or attacks are criminal activities that include fraud, unauthorized access to private information or similar activities (phishing), cyber bullying or copyright violation, in and through cyber media.

See also Phishing.

Cyber ​​love and relationships

Cyber ​​relationships or love is a way of meeting people or generating a loving relationship through technology. The parties involved behave in the virtual world like a normal couple (calls, messages, communication, intimate relationships) in the virtual world.

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