Meaning of the Recycling Cycle

What is the Recycling Cycle:

The recycling cycle or recycling route consists of collecting waste in a sustainable way for the environment in relation to the traditional garbage cycle.

The two main advantages of participating in a recycling cycle are:

  • energy savings by reusing and extending the useful life of products and
  • the decrease in environmental pollution.

The recycling cycle begins with consumption and the action of the '3Rs' of recycling: reduce the consumption of garbage generators, reuse what we already have and recycle the rest of the garbage, classifying by type of waste: glass and crystals , paper and cardboard, containers (plastics, cans and tetra pak), organic, dangerous and technological.

The second stage of the recycling cycle is the trash transfer or transportation. In the traditional cycle of garbage, it is collected by the garbage roads and taken to the final disposal of the waste. In the recycling cycle, it is the citizens who transfer the already classified waste to the clean points or collection centers with the different colored containers to indicate the different waste.

The third stage of the recycling cycle is reception. In the traditional cycle, garbage is taken directly to landfills or landfills. In the recycling cycle, the waste is taken to plants that are dedicated to the processing of the different types of waste.

The fourth stage is processing. In the traditional cycle the garbage is compacted in the landfill and covered with earth. In the recycling cycle, garbage is treated according to its type to allow its reuse or to avoid environmental contamination of any kind.

The final stage of the traditional garbage cycle consists of the exhaustion of the useful life of the sanitary landfill where it is waterproofed and isolated. In the recycling cycle this is replaced by the prolongation of the useful life of the waste through special processes.

The recycling cycle involves different processes for the reuse of each type of waste. The paper recycling cycle, glass recycling cycle, aluminum recycling cycle, plastic recycling cycle or battery recycling cycle have special and specific recycling plants to ensure that reused products are safe for humanity and the environment. ambient.
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