Meaning of Kinematics

What is Kinematics:

Kinematics is a discipline of physics and mechanics, responsible for studying and describing the movement of objects in terms of trajectory and time variables. The term kinematics originates from the Greek word κινέιν or kinein, which means "move or displace".

This discipline is not concerned with determining the causes that generate the movement, but is basically aimed at describing the displacement to identify its duration.

Principles of kinematics

Therefore, the essential elements that kinematics analyzes are the mobile, space and time. From them, kinematics considers the study of magnitudes, which correspond to: position, velocity and acceleration.

  • The position: refers to the place where the mobile is located, which is represented by a position vector.
  • Speed: it is determined by evaluating the distance traveled in time.
  • Acceleration: corresponds to the variation of said speed during its displacement in time.

Types of movement

The kinematics has allowed the classification and analysis of different types of movements. Among them we can mention:

  • Uniform line movement.
  • Accelerated rectilinear motion.
  • Uniformly varied rectilinear motion.
  • Uniform circular motion.
  • Accelerated circular motion.
  • Curvilinear movement.

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