Meaning of Shear

What is Shear:

The word shear is the name given to a manual tool, quite similar to a scissor, but which differs in its size and the force it can exert to cut different resistant materials. There are manual and mechanical shears.

The shears can cut different materials such as thin sheet metal and wood, as well as textiles, plastic, paper and cardboard. Now, if the metal or wooden sheet is thick, a mechanical shear can be used, that is, it works with a motor.

The mechanical or industrial shear is characterized by making a straight cut, either in the sheet of metal or wood, because it uses two blades that slide between each other from top to bottom and in the opposite direction.

The pushing force made by the shear blades allows the sheet metal to be crushed and cut without leaving any chip residue.

There are different shears used in the metalworking industry, including: guillotine, lever, roller and circular.

Types of shear

There are different types of shears depending on the material to be cut and if it is intended, due to its use, to be a simple or industrial tool.

Metal Shear: It is intended to cut into thin aluminum or metal sheets. These shears can make straight and curved cuts.

Shearing machine: this type of shear is used to make zigzag cuts in textile garments.

Pruner: this type of shear is used in the gardening trade and to cut shrubs and trees.

Industrial shear: this shear works with an electric motor that allows it to put more pressure on the metal sheet. The industrial shear makes vertical cuts in different materials.

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