Meaning of Clandestino

What is Clandestino:

As clandestine we designate something secret or hidden, or that is carried out in a very discreet way, so that it cannot be discovered. The word, as such, comes from the Latin word clandest─źnus.

The clandestine, in general, is also linked to any type of activity that is carried out with the back of the law, or without respecting the rigorous legal requirements. In this sense, because certain clandestine activities constitute a crime in themselves, they are subject to punishment. Hence, those who act clandestinely try to stay hidden or without attracting attention.

However, not all clandestine situations are legally prohibited. Some are hardly socially sanctioned.

Clandestine love

Clandestine love has been a recurring theme in love literature throughout history. As such, it is typical of lovers whose love cannot be manifested publicly, usually due to external impediments such as family quarrels, social class or race differences, prohibition, and even simple dishonesty. A clandestine love was that of Romeo and Juliet, from the tragedy of William Shakespeare, whose families hated each other, but don Juan's loves were also clandestine, who went around the world making fun of women; as well as the loves between the characters of Love and Other Demons, a novel by Gabriel García Márquez, the one religious in a vow of celibacy, the other possessed in the process of exorcism.

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