Meaning of binary code

What is Binary Code:

It is called as binary code to the system of representation of texts, images or videos that computers or computers use to process instructions.

In order for the binary code to carry out its function, it must make use of the binary system, which is a numbering system that has only the digits or bits zero and one, with which an infinity of codes can be represented.

In this number system 0 means closed and 1 open.

Binary code is used in the fields of computer science and telecommunications to encode various types of data, such as character strings or bit strings, which can be of a fixed or variable width, depending on the binary codes that are used. get.

Characteristics of binary code

Below are the main characteristics of binary code.

  • It is a continuous code whose combination differs from one code to another by changing a single bit.
  • It makes use of error correction codes and error detection codes to avoid difficulties when transmitting data.
  • Generally, binary codes are weighted, that is, each sequence of digits has a certain weight associated with it. For example, decimal code encoded to binary code.
  • Binary codes have a distance that can be identified by the number of bits that vary from one combination to another.
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