Meaning of Colchonero

What is Colchonero:

Colchonero is the trade of those who are dedicated to the manufacture of mattresses in an artisanal and itinerant way.

The mattress craftsmen are dedicated to the manufacture of the entire mattress from its filling to its sewing. They traditionally use wool as a filling material, which is distributed evenly by the size of the mattress. Together with the special fabric layers, the mattress finally sews and closes the mattress using the hidden stitch or mattress stitch.

See also Artisan process.

Mattress stitch for surgical sutures

Mattress holder is also a knit style used for discontinuous surgical sutures, especially used in dentistry. There are three types of mattress points:

  • Horizontal mattress stitch: allows to suture cutaneous and subcutaneous planes in a single operation without changing material. It is ideal for the scalp and is one of the most used points.
  • Vertical mattress point: allows to approximate the edges of very open and tense wounds to be closed. It is ideal for dividing a long wound.
  • Semi-buried vertical mattress stitch: allows suturing of skin flaps, 'V' shaped wounds or wounds with edges of different thickness. It is ideal for reducing the formation of vascular necrosis in the vertex.

‘The colchoneros’ of Atlético de Madrid

As ‘los colchoneros’ is one of the ways in which the fans of the Atlético de Madrid football team are designated. The mattress craftsmen of the post-Spanish civil war had the custom of putting the linings of their mattresses with a vertical striped fabric in red and white that resembles the colors used by the Atlético de Madrid team. Atlético de Madrid supporters are also called ‘Indians’.

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