Meaning of Like Pedro for his house

What is like Pedro for his house:

The expression “like Pedro around his house” refers to a person who shows great familiarity in a place or situation that is supposedly unfamiliar. This expression is born as a positive connotation of confidence and ease of a person in an unknown place. Today this expression has been transformed to become a pejorative expression of overconfidence and rudeness.

Origin of "like Pedro for his house"

It is believed that the original saying is "entered as Pedro in Huesca", referring to the victory of Pedro I of Aragón in Huesca during the Battle of Alcoraz against the Muslim troops who had already killed King Sancho Ramírez (Sancho I of Aragón or Sancho V of Pamplona). It was an unthinkable victory after the death of the king, for which they praised the ease of Pedro I in this battle, coining the phrase "he entered Huesca like Pedro." This expression has undergone several derivations over the years, moving away from its original and positive meaning. Some expressions that derive from it are:

  • “He walks like Juan around his house”: Coined especially in Mexico, Pedro is replaced by Juan, as he is a more common name, and has a negative sense of rudeness due to overconfidence.
  • "He walks around his house like a dog": Used in Cuba, Venezuela and some Central American countries, this expression has the same negative meaning as "like Pedro around his house."
  • "Like a fish in water": Although this saying is not a direct derivation of "entered as Pedro in Huesca", in Spanish-speaking countries, it maintains a meaning similar to the original meaning of this expression as it is used to refer to a person who acts with ease and confidence in situations that are not his own.

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