Component Meaning

What are Components:

Components are indispensable pieces that are part of a system.

Components are synonymous with elements, ingredients, members, or constituents.

The components of air, for example, are the elements that make it up such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, ozone, among others.

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Component in chemistry

A chemical component is a substance or matter that is part of a mixture, molecule or system, for example, "these three components generate a chemical reaction that creates the mixture we need."

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Components of geographic space

The components of geographic space are those elements that are recognizable in space and at a certain time, being them:

  • Natural components: what is related to nature such as flora, fauna, climate, relief, soil, etc.
  • Social components: referring to the human as education, ethnic groups, population, politics
  • Cultural components: relationship with culture and tradition such as the inheritances of the Mayan, Aztec, Andean, coastal culture, etc.
  • Economic components: are the activities of man related to the use of natural resources, whose specialization is called economic geography and is reflected, for example, in livestock industries, fishing, agriculture, etc.
  • Political components: are those that constitute the formal regulatory and administrative body of a country, such as, for example, the president, the chambers of deputies and senators, the powers of the State, etc.

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Computer components

In computing, the components of a computer are the internal components of the hardware of an electronic nature. Some internal components of the computer are as follows.

  • Motherboard: also called motherboard, it is essential for the operation of a computer.
  • Microprocessor or CPU: electronic component responsible for processing the instructions and operations necessary for the operation of a computer.
  • RAM memory: integrated component of the motherboard, it is necessary to process the data with the commanded instructions.

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Basic components of communication

The basic components of communication, better known as the elements of communication are those that are part of the communication process. They are sender, receiver, code, message, communication channel, noise and feedback.

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