Meaning of With the rod that you measure you will be measured

What is it? With the rod that you measure, you will be measured:

"With the rod that you measure, you will be measured" is a widely spread saying, whose origin dates back to the canonical gospels. Indeed, this phrase is attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Luke, chapter 6, verses 36 to 38. It has also been translated as "With the measure with which they measure they will be measured". Also San Mateo and San Marcos refer it.

This expression always refers to the principle of reciprocity. What helps a person to judge a certain situation will be the reference from which the person will also be judged when they go through that experience.

In the context of the Gospel, the phrase that the evangelist attributes to Jesus seeks to promote the spirit of mercy and compassion for others, that is, the principle of empathy, since no one is exempt from making mistakes.

When used popularly, the saying serves as a warning to the listener to appease their punishing speech against someone else and remind them of the importance of understanding others in order to be treated in the same way.

In other words, much simpler, the saying reminds us of the importance of treating others as we wish to be treated, and of not doing anything against others that we are not willing to suffer in our own flesh. After all, that will be the extent to which we will be reciprocated.

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