Concept Meaning

What is Concept:

Concept means design, image, construction or symbol, conception, idea or opinion expressed, characterization. It is the formulation of an idea or an image through words.

The term concept has origin from Latin conceptus, from the verb concipere, which means something conceived or formed in the mind, and is considered a cognitive unit of meaning.

The concept is what is conceived in thinking about something or someone. It is the way of thinking about something, and consists of a type of evaluation or appreciation through an opinion expressed, for example, when an idea or a good or bad concept of someone is formed.

See also Thought.

A concept is a mental symbol, an abstract notion that contains each word of a language or a language and that corresponds to a set of characteristics common to a class of beings, objects or abstract entities, determining how things are.

Concept is also the credit, the judgment or the opinion that one has to someone or something, and it is something clearly subjective.

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Concept and Definition

The concept expresses the qualities of a thing or an object, determining what it is and its meaning and importance. However, definition and concept are not synonymous, the concept is much less precise and more particular, because it is an opinion, while the definition is a universal description of something.

Words in different languages ​​have the same meaning because they express the same concept. For example, the concept of cat can be expressed as cat in English, chat in French, cat in Portuguese, gatto in Italian, katze in German, etc.

Concept in Philosophy

In philosophy, the concept consists of a mental and linguistic representation of a concrete or abstract object, being for the mind the object itself in the process of identification, classification and description of it.

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Computer Science Concept

In computing, the concept is used in the Internet field to name web pages where their contents can be edited by multiple users through any browser. Said pages, therefore, are developed from the collaboration of Internet users, who can add, modify or delete information.

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Conceptualization is the representation of an abstract idea in a concept, which arises from the general knowledge that people have. The conceptualization implies the development and order of ideas that have been obtained from the experience and understanding of what surrounds us.

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