Meaning of Conceptualization

What is Conceptualization:

Conceptualization is understood as the representation of an abstract idea in a concept; It arises from the general knowledge that one has on various subjects.

The word conceptualization derives from the word "conceptual", which originates from the Latin conceptum, concept.

Some synonyms for conceptualization are concept, abstraction, contemplation, perception, representation, notion, among others.

Conceptualization, therefore, implies the development, construction and arrangement of ideas that have been obtained from experience and the understanding of what surrounds us.

That is, the conceptualization is based on the concepts that are handled, in examples, hierarchical relationships (categories, characteristics, among others), experiences and understandings, without it being necessary to know specifically about a particular topic.

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How to make a conceptualization

The ability to conceptualize arises from the capacities that are possessed to reason and assimilate what is around, whatever the problem or issue, and determine how each of the parts of its content is interrelated.

For this reason, conceptualizing reflects the ability of each individual to analyze, develop and coherently organize various concepts. For instance,

  • The cat.
  • Category: feline.
  • It is considered a domestic and wild animal.
  • It is a carnivore.
  • Attribute: it is a hunting animal.
  • It is characterized by having excellent night vision.
  • Contextualization: live in houses or free.
  • An example of a particular cat: his name is Benito.
  • Attribute: can wear clothes for the cold.

The conceptualization generates a logical development of ideas before their presentation, as observed in the previous example, in which previous knowledge and experiences are associated at the time of organizing ideas and presenting the concept of what is understood by "cat ”.

Also, it should be noted that information is constantly being conceptualized, but we are not always aware that this is the case.

For example, when a student attends a class and takes note of the most important points and constructs an outline, he is conceptualizing, that is, he is organizing the information of a topic from the general to the specific, in order to later study and understand it in a way. easier.

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