Concert Meaning

What is Concert:

Concert is a noun that can refer to the agreement or agreement that is established between two or more people or parties in relation to a matter, to a musical composition typical of classical music, or to a show in which a set of musical themes is performed. in front of an audience.

The word, as such, derives from the verb arrange, which means "to compose or order the parts of a thing", "to reconcile voices or instruments", or "to agree or agree on a matter, business or price".

Concert in music

In music, the concert is a type of musical composition written to be performed by one or more instruments with the accompaniment of an orchestra, in which one or more of these instruments play a leading role.

As such, it combines melodic, rhythmic and harmonic materials to achieve a composition in which a set of voices, either vocal or instrumental, are related, alternated and interwoven throughout the composition.

The first concert compositions arise in the period of musical classicism (1750-1820) and belong to what is called classical music. There are three types of concerts:

  • the concert da chiesa, fundamentally vocal religious genre, where the instrument accompanies the voice;
  • the concert gross, in which two instrumental groups musically confront each other; Y
  • the solo concert, in which a soloist faces an entire orchestra, giving the soloist the chance to show all his virtuosity. The concert gross and the solo concert take their structure from the sonata.

Concert to commit a crime

As a conspiracy to commit a crime, it is called a crime classified according to the laws of Colombia.

As such, it is considered that a conspiracy has been incurred to commit a crime when two or more people come together for the purpose of organizing to form a society for criminal purposes that perpetrates activities such as kidnapping, extortion, hit men, or the formation of illegal armed groups.

Didactic or educational concert

As a didactic or educational concert, it is called a tool of the educators of the musical education area that consists of the realization of a musical interpretation by the schoolchildren under the direction and guidance of the teacher.

The purpose of this activity is for students to learn and experience the process of assembling and executing a concert.

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