Meaning of Confession

What is Confession:

Confession is the action and effect of admitting or declaring something that is of one's own knowledge, whether voluntarily or forced. It comes from the Latin conffessio, term made up of the prefix with, which means "everything", the word fiteri, which means "admit", and the suffix Zion, which means action and effect.

An example of the general meaning of confession can be the following: "The confession of the accused was what finally allowed the case to be closed."

The word confession is also used to refer to the faith professed by a certain person or community. That is, a "confession of faith." For example, "Javier follows the Muslim confession."

Another example would be: "Valentina made her confession of faith this Sunday in church." It means that she has declared to believe in the dogmas and principles that make her worthy of belonging to a certain religion.

Sacrament of confession or reconciliation

In the context of the Catholic religion, the word confession refers to one of the seven sacraments of the Church. The sacrament of confession it is also called reconciliation.

This sacrament consists of a ritual in which the person declares their sins to a priest, who is authorized and empowered to give them absolution, after assigning a penance.

From the moment the person is acquitted, they are considered to be in a "state of grace". Therefore, confession or reconciliation is recommended to be able to receive communion.

However, although the act of communion can be practiced daily if the person wishes, it is not necessary to go to confession whenever it is intended to do so. It is enough to confess every time the person feels the need.

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