Meaning of Acquaintances

What is Known:

Acquaintances are understood to be the person with whom a deal is maintained but without reaching a friendship. Well-known people are those who talk about general topics, but without becoming too close to each other.

Acquaintances can be: the neighbor, the man at the kiosk, the carpenter, the teacher, among others, they are people who discuss and hold conversations on certain topics, such as: sports, the country's situation, an event, among others, that is to say, topics of little relevance, since due to the lack of a close relationship, a conversation about personal or family matters is not reached.

Relationships with acquaintances, despite being superficial, are pleasant and rewarding, despite being relationships that do not have the same level of commitment as a friendship relationship, merit respect and adequate treatment, to lead a healthy and peaceful survival as possible. .

Likewise, a relationship of acquaintances with the passage of time and by having certain affinities, achieves a closer treatment through different social networks, exchanges of text messages, frequent exits, which can cause the relationship of acquaintances to become in a friendship relationship, due to the security and trust that the individual offers to be considered a friend.

In reference to this topic, there is a colloquial phrase that is widely used in relation to matters of a couple or friendship, “the bad known is better than the good to know”, it expresses that it is better not to risk what one has for something who appears to be better and older.

On the other hand, as known is the person, animal, place or thing in which some individuals have information or data, for example: D.F has a varied cultural heritage, it is well known. Also, the word known alludes to the distinguished or illustrious person, such as: Simón Bolívar was a known man, he made 5 countries independent.

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