Meaning of Conquest

What is Conquest:

As conquest, the action and effect of conquering is known, that is, winning a certain territory or position through a military operation.

The thing conquered is also called conquest. For example: "This trophy is not only a victory for the club, but for all our fans."

Conquest is also called the person whose love is achieved by captivating her. For example: "I don't like Felipe's new conquest."

The word conquest comes from the Latin verb I will conquer, which derives from the noun conquisītum, which means 'won'.

Conquest in history

In history, conquest is called the process by which, as a result of a set of military operations, an army manages to subdue the population of a territory for its political domination. History is full of dynamics of conquest, domination and resistance, of struggles to obtain control over a region or to repel it. The Romans conquered much of Europe, the Muslims conquered a significant portion of the Iberian Peninsula, the Europeans conquered America, etc.

Military conquest

It is called military conquest that war operation by means of which the army of one country manages to subdue the military forces of another country with arms. The Norman conquest of England, the Roman conquest of Britain, the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire, among others, were the product of military conquests.

Conquest of America

The conquest of America is called the process of domination of the indigenous populations and civilizations of the American continent by a group of European powers, mainly Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and France, which began in the 15th century, with the travels of Christopher Columbus, and that would lead to the process of colonization of the continent, with the consequent establishment of systems of colonial domination, and the implantation of religion, language and European institutions, which, in turn, led to collateral processes of cultural genocide.

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