Council Meaning

What is Advice:

Advice refers to the opinion, opinion or query that is expressed or received in order to carry out an action.

The word advice derives from Latin consilium which means "consultation" or "deliberation". The terms warning, opinion, observation, advice, notice, commission or board can be used synonymously.

Advice is requested when help is needed to carry out or guide a certain action, conduct or decision, which can be both personal, academic or work-related.

For example, "My mother's advice is always good"; “The advice you gave me was very helpful”; "She did not listen to my advice and was expelled from the meeting."

The advice in general, especially the one received, must be evaluated in order to determine what are the benefits or drawbacks that may result if they are carried out, as well as, it must be taken into account from whom the recommendation came and what it may be. his intentions.

On the other hand, in different cultures, the fact of issuing or receiving advice may or may not be welcomed depending on the customs that are practiced, since in some cases receiving advice without having requested it is in bad taste, but in others it can generate gratitude.

On the other hand, administrative organizations that are formed in order to discuss various issues such as neighborhood issues, legal advice, consulting, among others, are also known as council.

Council as a public organization

The term Council, written with an initial capital letter, refers to an administrative body or body made up of a mayor, ministers and councilors.

As an example, we can mention the Municipal Council, the Council of Ministers, the University Council, the Economic Council, among others.

These councils are made up of a group of people who are in charge of advising, managing or directing organizations and public entities.

From these councils, a series of decisions or measures are taken, with respect to various matters of political, economic or social interest, which are reported to the government authorities.

For example, a Council of State deals with the most important matters of a country and a Council of Ministers can establish who will be the prime minister of a nation.

Likewise, there are other types of councils that have been established to seek solutions to various issues of international political interest. Among these we can mention the War Council, the United Nations Security Council, among others.

Council and council

Both the word council and council are two different terms that should not be confused. Advice refers to an opinion or query that is made to carry out an action. On the other hand, council refers to a town hall, municipality or municipal corporation.

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