Meaning of Consideration

What is Consideration:

Consideration is the action and effect of considering, that is, of giving someone or something all the attention it deserves. Two meanings emerge from this: the first, to reflect on a matter carefully; the second, treating someone with respect and esteem. The term comes from the Latin "consideratio”.

Consequently, the word consideration has several uses. For example: "I wish to submit this request for your consideration." In this case, consideration refers to the process of reflection that should lead to a decision-making regarding a specific matter.

The word is also used in formal language to indicate the attitude of respect and care of one person towards another. For example: "With my highest consideration, I cordially bid you farewell, Mr. Pérez."

Consideration can also be used as an appeal to common sense, empathy and mercy: "Be considerate! Can't you see that this animal cannot be in a cage?"

In all these cases, beyond the different applications, the term consideration always implies a treatment, response or action previously considered according to the circumstances of a context. That is, it implies thinking before acting to do so consistently, or thinking to correct a wrong course of events.

The term consideration has as synonyms or related terms the following: attention, regard, respect, attention, repair, courtesy, among others.

Some antonyms of the word under study are: contempt, inattention, rudeness, discredit, and so on.

Consideration as value

Consideration as a value shows an individual that he appreciates and respects people, and that he knows how to respond to their needs in a consonant way. A "considerate" person is characterized by tolerating different opinions, respecting the thoughts and feelings of other individuals.

Thus, the person who exercises consideration always has a gesture of kindness to another regardless of their social differences because they know to consider its reality.

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