Meaning of Consider

What is Consider:

The word consider comes from Latin I will consider, verb that means to examine carefully.

The term consider has different meanings that depend on the context for which it is used. In the first place, considering is examining, investigating and reflecting carefully and carefully on a situation or matter, for example: “we must consider the economic crisis that the country is going through”, “my boss is going to consider my promotion within the company”.

On the other hand, to consider is to have a judgment or an opinion on any person, thing or matter. For example: "it is to be considered that he is a good father", "you have to consider all the factors involved in changing offices".

Considering also means paying attention to something or someone for its good qualities, characteristics or attributes, or for its negative impact. "The director must consider his talent for the leading role in the next play", "the floods caused damage to consider."

The term consider is also used in the sense of respecting someone's rights and thoughts. "It is a campaign to consider the elderly and pregnant women."

The synonyms for considering are reflect, think, ponder, reason, judge, estimate, appreciate.

In turn, consider is linked to the term consideration, which is defined as the action and effect of considering. Consideration is thinking carefully about an issue and / or situation or treating someone with respect. For example: the boss will take into consideration the studies carried out by the candidates for the position.

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