Meaning of Consignar

What is Consignar:

Consignment is to allocate something of value for the payment, guarantee or deposit of some legal obligation.

The word consign derives from Latin I will consign which means "give an order" or "point out." It is composed of the prefix with- indicating a set, the word signus which refers to a sign and the suffix -arused for verbs.

Consignment is the shipment, assignment or deposit of property, money or goods, generally with written evidence before a witness or before the law, in order to meet unpaid expenses, cover outstanding obligations or pay debts.

In law, consignment or payment by consignment is to leave in writing the destination of an asset or a sum of money to pay expenses, obligations or fulfill wills, such as, for example, the case of an inheritance.

See also Consignment and Entitlement.

In civil law, the consignment of a person is presented as the figure in which the debtor is released from his obligation to his creditor. For this to happen, the debtor must verify that he has diligently complied with his obligations but without a positive response from the creditor because he has somehow hindered or prevented the performance of the benefits.

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