Meaning of Sustainable Consumption

What is Sustainable Consumption:

Sustainable consumption refers to the responsible use of goods and services to minimize the use of natural resources, reduce emissions of pollution and waste, in order to avoid putting the lives of future generations at risk.

For several years the term sustainable consumption has taken on greater importance, so much so that it is part of public policies to emphasize the need to control the production and consumption of goods and services to avoid as much as possible the deterioration of planet Earth and ensure the life of living beings.

Sustainable and responsible consumption

Human beings, as consumers, have the responsibility to take the correct actions to create, promote and transmit all those sustainable consumption methods that lead to energy savings, waste reduction and pollution reduction.

For their part, companies, factories and other producers must also make sustainable production plans making rational use of natural resources, especially non-renewable ones, and encourage the consumer to be more responsible when choosing a product according to its level. of contamination.

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Sustainable consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production is a paradigm that has been in practice for several years, especially by farmers, who have perceived and experienced the consequences of soil and water contamination in terms of food production.

Therefore, it is important to encourage the creation of companies or production and consumption systems that are responsible for carrying out the recycling process, as a form of responsible consumption, of goods that can be reused one or more times before becoming waste. , for example, glass, cardboard, paper, among others.

It is also necessary to make general educational plans, both by the State and by companies, in order to teach citizens how they should choose, consume and dispose of products following sustainable steps and habits.

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